The minute that someone you love dies, your relationship with that person turns to remembering them.

All of the rituals that ensue are centered on memorialization. Calling hours, funeral, graveside services, selection of a monument – all of these things are small steps in helping you to resolve your grief in a healthy manner. The most permanent and physical symbol of remembrance is the selection of a memorial. Not because someone has died, but because they have lived. I believe that a monument can, and should, tell the story of one's life. This memorialization helps by giving us something tangible, to lean on, to kneel in front of, to leave notes at, to cry beside, to plant next to, or simply a place to say things unsaid. It helps in our healing… When the time is right for you, call or visit us at Kellogg Memorials. WE UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF REMEMBERING.


If there's one thing I would want to share with those who have lost someone they love, it is this: try to give yourself the time you need to resolve your grief. While making yourself busy might help some people, don't be in a hurry to get back to work or rush to make all the decisions that accompany someone's passing.

Let's face it, grieving the death of someone close to you is one of the most difficult things any of us go through. It is a laborious, emotionally exhausting effort that requires transition, order and completion to feel okay again. It is a minute to minute, day by day struggle that is only softened by the passing of time. We grieve because we have loved, and eventually you will get to a place where there's more peace than pain...

"Kellogg Memorials showed us so much support... they were wonderful to work with, and the memorial is so unique, just what we wanted."
- Bruce and Melissa Pope
"They were so helpful and compassionate when I was in such moments of distress. Kellogg Memorials accomplished what I wanted perfectly."
- Doris French